Our claims

R1. Considering that the maximum hours of home support service is 44 hours per week and that if the needs increase, people with disabilities have no other choice to move to a CHSLD,


The increase in hours of home support, according to the needs of each individual to ensure home support for as long as desired and that care can be offered. Several options are possible.

R.2. Considering that article 692 of the “Law ensuring the exercise of the rights of people with disabilities with a view to their social, educational and professional integration”, has never been applied; Considering that if article 69 of the “Law ensuring the exercise of the rights of people with disabilities” is implemented and in a transversal manner with the other ministries having a direct link for the most part, the needs to adopt a law – framework on universal accessibility will be less glaring, even less relevant.


That section 69 of the Act be applied immediately and that the accessibility of categories of buildings receiving the public not being subject to the Quebec Building Code, begins in January 2019, starting by listing the categories of buildings;

R.3. Considering that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is responsible for the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and that this body administers the Building Act and the Quebec Construction Code; Considering that several types of constructions, construction projects, buildings already constructed do not allow barrier-free access to people moving with a mobility aid; Considering that the buildings which can be the subject of measures relating to the “Guide to Design Standards without Obstacle” and that these standards are established by virtue of a manual wheelchair, WE ASK :

That has:

  • the Quebec Construction Code be reformed so that it truly reflects the reality and needs of people with disabilities;
  • the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec eliminates its exemptions from accessibility requirements;
  • standards are established respecting the parameters relating to motorized mobility aids.

R.4. Considering the very high unemployment rate among people with disabilities, despite a fairly high education (it is not uncommon to meet people with disabilities who have completed graduate studies and even graduate studies); Considering the deep desire of many disabled people to join the job market; Considering the closing of the CAMO (Workforce Adjustment Center for People with Disabilities); Considering the work integration contracts (CTI) and rumors of abolishing them; Considering, therefore, the low rate of employability of disabled people, despite article 633 of the “Law ensuring the exercise of the rights of disabled people” Considering that this unemployment index is closely linked to discrimination due to the many prejudices suffered by people with disabilities,


  • Increased awareness among Quebec employers;
  • The reopening of CAMOs;
  • Maintaining CITs and extending their duration by contract;
  • A study carried out by the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights (CDPDJ) informing employers of the consequences of such discrimination if the skills of the candidate with disabilities. are equal to or greater than candidates without limitation.

R.5. Considering the adoption and your commitments on all of the above, given the blatant lack of leadership, obvious laxity in customer support that it has always been responsible for supporting, assisting and helping to claim and obtain l equality of rights; Considering that too much public money has been and still is spent from year to year, and this, since beyond what was originally planned; Considering that the OPHQ had to be in place for a short period of time possibly three years, at most; Considering that the association of people with disabilities is advancing the cause more quickly than the Office, which is just one more government body. WE ASK:


The permanent and permanent dismantling of the Office des Handicapées du Québec (OPHQ).

We, activists with disabilities submit our demands and declare that if these commitments are not honored, you will contribute to increasing the systemic discrimination that we all suffer every day and therefore you will expose yourself and your ministry, if necessary subject to legal action.