Our team


Linda Gauthier

She is the co-founder and spokesperson for the organization. Leads several of the RAPLIQ’s projects.

She also does public relations for the organization. In addition, she assists people with functional limitations who are victims of discriminatory or even criminal situations, by drafting their complaints and assisting them before the Commission on Human and Youth Rights and accompanies them until the closure of the case (mediation, investigation, court).

Linda Gauthier is very involved in her community and in her city.

She actively participates in numerous commissions and public consultations. She holds the “activist column” chronicle in “Les Capés”, a radio show dedicated to people with disabilities on the radio station CKIA in Quebec.

In the area of discrimination, she is very interested in various systems of oppression such as racism, sexism and in particular ableism. Intersectionality is also one of her main concerns and will certainly be the subject of a possible memoir.

General Manager

Steven Laperrière

RAPLIQ’s General manager since November 2019, previously entrepreneur in commercial maintenance for 20 years, passionate about municipal politics and involved in his borough of LaSalle and also in Montreal. He has several interventions to his credit during the various citizen question periods of the various bodies.

Through his involvement, he hopes to contribute by improving the quality of life of people and to prove to the young people who will follow us that it is possible to get involved in an organization or in politics, and to do it with the heart, the guts, the head and with honor to inspire them to get involved.

With several strings to his bow, he is very fluent in writing, specially letters of a political nature. He has an excellent sense of judgment and is a good conciliator. He assists people who have suffered discrimination with their complaint before the Human Rights Commissions (Quebec and Canadian). His philosophy: “No longer accept the unacceptable.”

Vice President

Paul Lupien

Suffering from a neurodegenerative disease since April 2017, he quickly noticed systemic discrimination in Quebec and faced with this injustice, he undertook certain actions to change things. In 2018, he met the RAPLIQ and immediately became involved as a member. Appointed to the Board in 2019, he is now Vice-President and responsible for the transport file. He represents RAPLIQ at COPHAN and is a member of the Board of Directors as President by interim, responsible for the Transport Committee. He also sits on the Board of Directors of CNEIS as an administrator.


Laurent Morissette

Laurent Morissette is very ordinary…even regular. And nice… that’s what strangers say. Passionate about the five senses, he knows how to use his openness and liveliness to carry on multiple projects in the midst of a busy academic life. He joined RAPLIQ shortly after its founding; having been convinced that inclusion in Québec is a fight against windmills. He will not back down until the windmills no longer turn their blades! Inclusion, equality and human values…until the last breath!


Martin Dion

Martin is an activist from the very beginning at RAPLIQ.

Always responding and even more to the initiatives that are proposed to him, he is often our eyes and ears on the ground.

The speed of the pace of his questions is matched only by his visceral will to want to change things for the inclusion of all!


Maëlle Brouillette

Committed woman and activist within our CA since 2016. Her various commitments allow her to contribute daily to a struggle for better recognition of the contribution of all people to society and to the reduction of social inequalities. She is interested professionally and academically in citizen participation. She is completing her Masters in Social Work (UQAM) on “Social engagement practices of citizens on a neighborhood table in Montreal”. Her professional background in collective action and community organization allows her to contribute to the search for funding, the mobilization and the organization of direct actions or to share her in-depth knowledge of non-profit organizations.


Dr. Christophe Bedos

I am a citizen who does not tolerate discrimination of all kinds and who dreams of a united and inclusive society.

A dentist by training, I am also a professor at McGill University.

In my research, as in my teaching activities, I emphasize access to care and the fight against exclusion.


Sylvain Plourde

I have always been “sensitive” to the inequalities in our privileged society which unfortunately does not succeed in eliminating them. I believe in the importance of involvement in working to improve the society in which we live. I work in the multimedia and entertainment industry with studios that develop special effects for the cinema, animation studios and others!