Accessibility was an important criteria for the design of this new website. Several aspects were considered during the development of the site. If this site does not meet your needs or if you are having difficulty using it, please contact us.

Actions carried out in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

  • Hierarchical titles for the structuring of pages
  • Text equivalent to all informational images
  • Label for all form fields
  • Explicit wording for all links
  • Distinguishing content and structure by using CSS style sheets
  • Avoid pop-up windows and data tables
  • Integration of the Responsive Design functionality which automatically adapts the content of the page to the screen size, notably facilitating the navigation of people using screen magnification software
  • Text and content enlargement tools
  • Notify the user when a link opens in a new window
  • Give the internet user the possibility to short-circuit the navigation to directly access the content with a link at the beginning of each page
  • Language as simple as possible
  • And more!

The accessibility of the site has been checked with the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome and Safari. Accessibility tools have also been used such as WAVE Web Accessibility Tool, Color Contrast Analyzer, NVDA, Jaws and VoiceOver. The versions used are the most recent available at the beginning of 2020.