Our victories


The RAPLIQ is a pan-Quebec organization dedicated to defending and promoting the rights of people with disabilities and aiming to eradicate the discrimination often made against us.


Since its foundation in December 2009, the RAPLIQ has been working on two main aspects:

  • The promotion of rights (in most cases joining the collective defense of rights)
  • Defending rights (both collective and individual, depending on demand)

Individual defense

This is the sub-aspect that we share with you on this tab.

At the outset, we want to establish that the officers of RAPLIQ are not lawyers and do not, in any case, want to take over this role.

We do not give legal opinions, opinions or advice.

We are activists passionate about social justice and respect for our most fundamental rights.

Over the years, the RAPLIQ has first benefited from the experience of its officers in certain situations of discrimination. They decided not to accept the unacceptable, and brought their grievances before the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) or the Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission (CDPDJ).

Little by little, the rumor has spread, requests for assistance have been made to RAPLIQ which, over the years, has developed a certain considerable expertise and then becomes a change agent for people with disabilities in drafting their complaints according to the facts reported and lodge their grievances before one of the two main bodies designated to settle these disputes.

These are the cases we want to share with you.

Since its foundation, the RAPLIQ has helped hundreds of people with disabilities to claim their rights, have them respected and have them maintained.

As of March 31, 2020, the number of complaints received by RAPLIQ should be around 2,000. However, we only kept the register for those tabled before the two major commissions, which brings this number to 875. Of this number, almost 50% were settled at the letter stage or formal notice preceding the filing of the complaint.

For the others, which totaled 1,125 complaints, we will unfortunately not be able to describe them all below, since the majority of them, in the agreement reached between the respondent and the complainant, requested that they there is expressly an absolute confidentiality clause.

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