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Our mission

Founded in December 2009, the Regroupement des activistes pour l’Inclusion au Québec (RAPLIQ) is a pan-Quebec organization for the defense and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities, leading demands that aim to include these people and the eradication of the discrimination that is regularly done against them.

We campaign for the eradication of discrimination based on disability as well as all other forms of oppression.

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Our members

RAPLIQ members are activists for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Quebec society. Members subscribe to the Manifesto and undertake to promote it in their community.

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Our team

Our team is made up of dedicated and multidisciplinary people from different backgrounds and professions. Everyone subscribes to the Manifesto and contributes through their personal and professional experiences, to create this diversity of opinions so essential that makes the relevance and strength of RAPLIQ.

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