Quebec Week for People with Disabilities


Open letter from Linda Gauthier, President of RAPLIQ

QUEBEC, Friday June 5, 2020 – “Like every afternoon for almost three months and like a good majority of mine, I am here, sitting in front of the television, to know the daily results, but also to hear you talk about us, our reality, of our life during Covid-19. ”

And every day for almost three months, nothing about us, nothing for us …

From all sides, all sides, sums often coming from the federal government, but often granted by your government, are announced as being available to help Quebeckers, because the Covid causes them to lose their jobs or, if not, their causes more costs.

Seniors receive additional funds, Aboriginal people, homeless people, groups of women victims of domestic violence, artists, etc. everyone except the disabled.

However, the Crisis generates delivery, courier, etc. costs. and we can certainly say that we have the lowest incomes in the province. We never made a wave, because it was said that you would establish some help at some point. But, although it is needed as much as all, nothing was ever announced.

And yet at the same time, you are getting so close to this reality of ours, Prime Minister, especially when you talk about the 10,000 beneficiary attendants (PAB) who are missing and who you will train to take care of our elders.

Several of them have decided to jump on your generous offer, Prime Minister, because they had an appetite suppressant salary. Several hundred, even thousands of these candidates were our attendants. The opportunity was great and they could no longer afford to expect the same salary increase as their private sector counterparts. This same salary increase that you had dangled them and which was solved by a meager 8%. On a salary of $ 15 an hour, it is only $ 1.20 and it seems that for our PAB of the Chèque Emploi Service (CES), it would only be a temporary bonus. Thank you for this imbalance, Mr. Legault.

So we will have to start over with other attendants who will not have had the courage to join the “cohort of 10,000”. Teach them everything so that they give us the necessary care, with dignity. Again, a big thank you for this change, Mr. Legault!

As if that was not enough kindness towards us and as as Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Social Services and your two delegates, Mrs. Blais and Mr. Carmant, you all know so much what is good for us, you advertise not only the first homes of the elderly, but also those of the disabled, “alternative homes” …

VIDEO: François Legault on Quebec’s Week for Disabled Persons

However, it should not be forgotten, dear Mr. Legault, that many disabled people currently living in CHSLDs would more than want to go back to living with a basket of truly personalized home care services.

But, how stupid I am! I didn’t have to remind you, you are the Prime Minister and you know our reality very well …

Ah yes ! I almost forgot, Wednesday evening also came some rather disturbing news, revealing the existence of a protocol sacrificing people with disabilities in the event of a shortage of beds and respirators.

Wow! Minister McCann, we are grateful. It’s really too much! We see how worth it was to wait three months for you to finally talk about us!

All this in the same week. That’s good, it’s QUEBEC WEEK FOR DISABLED PEOPLE!

In conclusion, Prime Minister, Mrs. McCann, Mrs. Blais and Mrs. Carmant, we thank you for your beautiful gifts, which will make our lives even more… painful…


Linda Gauthier



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